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When Mistakes Are Made In Rulings, We Do Not Give Up

Sometimes errors are made in procedure or in the way the law is applied to a particular situation. Other times, new information may drastically change the potential legal outcome of a case. When a ruling is unfavorable, we do not believe in simply surrendering.

An unfavorable result in a court case does not necessarily mean the end of the road for your case. Appeals and post-judgment litigation are both important parts of the legal process and an important part of our service at Russo, Karl, Widmaier & Cordano PLLC.

How Can A Ruling Be Overturned?

A judge’s ruling is usually considered final. In order to overturn it, we must show that there was some sort of mistake made in the way the case was handled or the law was interpreted. Sometimes, new information in a case will also affect a ruling.

For example, the following situations might give rise to post-judgment relief:

  • You received inadequate representation from your previous attorney, and it had serious negative consequences on your case.
  • You find evidence that your spouse was hiding income or assets during your divorce to reduce the settlement that you received.
  • Evidence was admitted into a criminal case that should have been suppressed because it was obtained without a proper warrant.
  • The jury in your case received the wrong instructions from the judge and based their verdict on those instructions.

Appeals and post-judgment litigation require a different approach than initial cases. Not every law office is willing to handle them. Specialized skills and experience when drafting a motion and during arguments can be critical to your success.

Timing Is Important, So Do Not Hesitate To Call

Let a lawyer with our office review your case and explain your choices. Initial consultations are free, and our lawyers will give you a no-nonsense evaluation and tell you if the appeal is worth pursuing.

We can be reached at 631-265-7200 or through our online form. Our office is located in Long Island, New York, but we handle appeals throughout the area.