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Caring, Experienced Representation For Immigrants

There is a lot at stake in any immigration case. The entire course of your life can be changed with a single decision by a judge.

At Russo, Karl, Widmaier & Cordano PLLC, our attorneys gladly represent individuals, families and employers who need assistance with immigration. We strongly believe in the importance of treating people like individuals, with individual needs. You will never be just a case number to us.

A Broad Approach Toward Immigration Services

Immigration services may be isolated or overlap with other areas of the law. Fortunately, we have a practice with a wide range, which can better meet your needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Green card applications, for immigrants seeking lawful permanent resident status
  • Nonimmigrant visas, for immigrants who are only seeking to remain in this country for a period due to business, education or travel
  • Asylum and refugee applications, for those who are fleeing difficult situations in their homeland
  • Naturalization and citizenship applications and interviews with authorities
  • Assistance with family legal issues that may affect your immigration status, such as divorce and domestic violence
  • Criminal defense for individuals whose immigration status may be threatened by a conviction

Immigration law in the United States is notoriously complicated and difficult to understand. Many applications for visas and green cards are denied simply due to paperwork errors and accidental omissions. We help our clients complete their paperwork correctly and avoid unnecessary problems with their applications the first time around.

If your application for a visa or green card is denied, we can represent you throughout the appeals process.

How To Reach Us

For more information, contact a lawyer at 631-265-7200 or use our online form to contact us. Our office is located in Long Island, New York, for your convenience. Initial consultations are free.