Verdicts/Noteworthy Cases


  • $1 MILLION DOLLARS recovered for husband and wife after car accident in Suffolk County. RKWC was able to quickly recover a lump sum payout for a couple involved in a texting and driving car accident in Suffolk County.
  • $850,000 DOLLARS recovered for a young man injured on a roller coaster.

RKWC in the News:

  • RKWC Partner appointed by the Court as a Receiver for multimillion dollar “SLOPPY TUNA” business in Montauk, NY.
  • Joseph L. Indusi representing Ronald Drabman in Queens and Nassau, who the NYPD says had the largest stashes of guns and ammo the NYPD has ever found in one home, police said Monday.
  • Non-Criminal Resolution Obtained for Bridge ClimberJoseph L. Indusi obtains a non-criminal resolution for an out of town, hardworking man who took a photo of himself on the Brooklyn Bridge. The attorney said there should be signs to put tourists like Karnauch on alert that scaling the bridge is off-limits.”This happened a month ago and there’s still no signs in that particular area,” Indusi said outside of Brooklyn Criminal Court.