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Recent Verdicts / Noteworthy Cases

Recent Verdicts:

  • $1 MILLION DOLLARS recovered for husband and wife after car accident in Suffolk County. RKWC was able to quickly recover a lump sum payout for an elderly couple involved in a texting and driving car accident in Suffolk County.
  • $850,000 DOLLARS recovered for a young man injured on a roller coaster.

RKWC in the News:

  • RKWC retained as lead counsel to named fiduciaries on one of Suffolk County’s largest and most complex estates. The decedent died owning over 120 corporate entities, real estate in over a dozen states, and a gross estate value over $700 MILLION dollars.
  • RKWC Partner appointed by the Court as a Receiver for multimillion dollar “SLOPPY TUNA” business in Montauk, NY.