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Keeping the best interest of the child in mind

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2014 | Child Custody |

One man recalls the experiences he had to endure while being the center of a child custody dispute.  This individual’s own marriage ended in 2010, but he was determined to make life easier for his children than his parent’s divorce had been upon him.  He states that he always tries to be there for the important moments in his daughter’s life.  His daughter is now living with his mother while his son is living with him.

One child psychiatrist emphasizes how difficult divorce can be upon children because these children are so dependent upon their parents.  Yet despite such dependence, 40 percent of first marriages in America are now ending in divorce.  An even higher number of second and third marriages will also end up in divorce.

Children need consistency in their lives – especially when their parents are going through a divorce. It’s therefore important to abide by similar rules and routines when it comes to raising the children. It’s also important that parents listen to what their children are saying.

As a family law attorney, we try to make clear that the goal of any family law matter when it comes to child custody or the raising of the children is making certain that the needs of the children are met. Certain habits that parents can get into can prove helpful under these circumstances. For example:

  1. Stay focused on the impact parental behavior is having upon the children
  2. Keep the well-being of the children as the highest priority
  3. Keeping communication open with the children

Keeping the best interest of the children in mind will make the divorce less contentious and help the child out the most.

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