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Lawsuit filed concerning recent Texas oil spill

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2014 | Business Litigation |

A number of commercial fishermen are bringing a lawsuit against the two companies reportedly involved in the Texas oil spill.  Because booms are being launched from Galveston Bay, it’s not considered safe for smaller fishing vessels to be out on the coastal waters.

Some of these boat owners claim that the boat restrictions are preventing them from earning any profit.  Thus a class action is being brought by approximately 50 different businesses.  The companies being sued include Cleopatra Shipping Agency based out of Greece and Kirby Inland Marine.  Both of these companies were said to have played a part in the collision that resulted in the oil spill.

It is felt that there is little excuse for a collision of this type occurring with today’s navigational aids.  There is also concern that any seafood captured may be tainted due to the oil spill.

Even business litigation of this kind contains a level of complexity. This is especially true when speaking of a lawsuit with this many parties.  Though the cause of what occurred may seem relatively straight-forward, trying to figure out what a business lost financially as the result of such a mishap can prove difficult to prove.  On the other hand, businesses attempting to defend themselves in the light of such allegations have to consider whether they wish to take such a matter to litigation, whether the business will take a public relations hit, etc.

Experienced litigation attorneys are needed under any circumstance.  These attorneys can make certain that the interests of the business are represented either in negotiations or in the courtroom.

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