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What will you do at a DUI checkpoint?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Dui |

If you find yourself driving into a DUI checkpoint, it’s important to remain calm and carefully consider what’s about to happen. With the right approach, you increase the likelihood of making it through the checkpoint without incident.

Here are a handful of tips that can ease your stress at a DUI checkpoint:

  • Slow down and avoid erratic driving: Don’t give the officer any reason to believe that you’re under the influence of alcohol. Slow down, stay in your lane and maintain full and steady control of your vehicle.
  • Don’t get out: You don’t have to do anything outside of following the requests of the officer. As you pull up to the checkpoint, roll your window down and take directions from there.
  • Don’t explain your legal rights: Don’t tell the officer that you don’t have to speak with them. Don’t tell the officer that a checkpoint is illegal. Instead, keep all these thoughts to yourself, as sharing them will raise suspicions.
  • Don’t make an illegal U-turn: You’re permitted to turnaround before reaching a DUI checkpoint, but only if you do so legally.

Along with the above, if you’re put under arrest for driving under the influence, exercise your right to remain silent. You don’t want to say anything that could be used against you in court.

After you’re processed, you can turn your attention to your legal rights and how to best protect them. Remember, a DUI charge doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be convicted. The right defense strategy can help you avoid a serious punishment, such as a license suspension and/or imprisonment.